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EL CENTRO, Calif. – Huge changes are on the way for residents who would like to purchase both marijuana and CBD oils as dispensaries will be opening soon. 

Last week, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to make changes to the local ordinance when it comes to retail and cultivation of marijuana and hemp. 

District Supervisor Ray Castillo said among the changes is increasing the number of applications the county will accept after the process has been met with some delays with applicants. 

Castillo said, In order to be able to process the number that we originally intended to we decided to open it up more. We’re issuing more applications.

Castillo said the county will also allow consumption lounges in dispensaries were before they were just showcasing products. 

Angel Fernandez, Director of Movocan which is one of the dispensaries opening in the Imperial Valley said, Less consumption in public. You can kind of guide the consumption to where [the] city wants it right. People aren’t consuming at a local park.  Instead, they’re headed down to the regulated consumption lounge to consume there.

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