Sabatier: ‘This is what everybody who voted on Measure C was anticipating’

The Lake County Record Bee writes

LAKE COUNTY — If you grow the green you have to pay the green.

That’s what the Lake County Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed on when it came to clarifying cannabis tax collecting policy.

The marijuana law stems from the November 2016 election when a majority of Lake County voters, nearly 63 percent, voted to pass Measure C. The measure, according to Ballotpedia, implemented “a tax on marijuana at rates of $1.00 per square foot for outdoor cultivation, $2.00 per square foot for mixed-light cultivation, and $3.00 per square foot for indoor cultivation.”

Measure C, otherwise known as the Lake County Cannabis Cultivation Tax Ordinance, applies to the unincorporated areas of the county. It also grants exception to cultivation for personal medical use.

In May of last year, the Board approved a resolution that outlined how said taxes would be collected. At its virtual Tuesday meeting, it decided to further clarify the resolution. The decision to do so came swiftly during the meeting.

While the document outlining the resolution featured detailed background on Measure C and its design, the main function of the amended law boils down to a few points:

The taxes will accrue annually via “a calendar year model.” Regardless of whatever date the cultivator begins their operations, they will be charged the entire yearly tax for that calendar year. Growers have the option to opt-out of cultivation in 2020. The deadline to do so has been extended from June 1 to June 15 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The deadline also applies to those who have “a future declared cultivation start date in 2020 who wish to instead begin operations in 2021.”

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Lake County Board of Supervisors clarify cannabis tax collection policy