CA: Lieutenant Governor of California Tells Newspaper That Path Towards Reasonable Legalization of Adult Use & a Regulatory Framework A Must For The State

23 March 2016

I believe the California Adult Use of Marijuana Act – which has been endorsed by groups as diverse as the NAACP, the California Medical Association and the California Council of Land Trusts – achieves all of these objectives and I will be urging voters to support it this November.

Passing this consensus initiative will put California on a path toward reasonable and responsible legalization of adult use of marijuana, and sets up a regulatory framework that will allow state and local officials to protect public health, public safety and the environment.

But it’s important for Californians to understand that passing AUMA is just the first step in the process of regulating adult use of marijuana for non-medical purposes. (Medical use of marijuana was legalized in California in 1996.)

It will be a process that unfolds over many years requiring sustained engagement from law enforcement, regulators and the public to ensure it is implemented properly in a way that best serves California.

AUMA strikes the right balance, setting in place strong protections for the public while allowing enough flexibility for regulators to tweak the marijuana market to make sure our kids and communities are safe.

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