The Sun Gazette reports……TULARE COUNTY – The Tulare County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved zoning ordinances and use permits to allow for hemp cultivation in the county.

The ordinance essentially treats industrial hemp as any other legal agriculture crop, with some additional restrictions. The cultivation and production of industrial hemp was temporarily banned by the county on March 26, 2019. Now that the zoning ordinances have been approved, the next step for the county will be to lift that moratorium.

Tom Tucker, the county agricultural commissioner, said the county was able to lift the moratorium on May 7, at which time applications to cultivate hemp became available.

“It feels good to be getting this finished, it’s been a lot of hard work,” Tucker said. “This will be a new crop for a lot of people, and as long as we can keep everything squared away and watch out for bad players, this will be a good thing for our county.”

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