California Cannabis 101

As recreational marijuana became legal in California, most expected complete freedom to smoke marijuana. However, that is not the complete story, and as a marijuana user, you must be aware of the facts and the approved laws that govern recreational marijuana in Golden State.

One cannot smoke marijuana just anywhere you please when in California. The rules are still fairly strict, and an avalanche of acronyms used for different products only adds to the confusion. Under the new cannabis landscape in California, one must separate the facts from the myths circulating around so as to stay on the right side of the law.

Below is a complete guide on California Cannabis 101 and the latest updates that will answer most of the questions that arise in the customers’ minds.

  • Only adults who are 21 and up can buy 1 ounce of cannabis per day. Buying concentrate-heavy products that are over the limit can land you in trouble.
  • Shop only from authorized and state-licensed recreational dispensaries such as Root’d Dispensary for high-quality cannabis products and those who work with local cannabis cultivators.
  • As cannabis dispensaries accept only cash, make sure to carry enough money, and of course, you will need a valid ID or driver’s license. Your checks or credit cards will not work here.
  • You can purchase cannabis in California using the ID of any state, and it could be your driver’s license or a military ID or your passport that shows your picture and date of birth.
  • You cannot consume or smoke cannabis in public places and can do so in privacy and within private property. Smoking marijuana is illegal in restaurants, bars, school campuses, public parks, and hospitals, or any public building.
  • The California state is considering permits for lounges and cafes where one can smoke marijuana legally if they do not want to do so in a private residence.
  • Snacking or consuming marijuana products while driving or riding is a strict no-no in California state. Or else, you could get into trouble with California Highway Patrol.
  • You can be asked to leave if you smoke cannabis despite knowing that your landlord or property owner does not permit the use and possession of cannabis on their property.
  • Likewise, you may get fired for using cannabis in office as employers are entitled to remove any employee found using marijuana.
  • If you are planning to take marijuana on a plane, you are certainly breaking the law. TSA still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug, and possession of such substances is strictly illegal.
  • It would be unsafe to drive after ingesting marijuana, and the impacts are the strongest within the first hour of consumption. Although there are still no established thresholds for THC levels as a breathalyzer test, it is best to play safe and avoid driving as THC can slow a driver’s abilities.

As a marijuana consumer, play safe, abide by the rules, and avoid rubbing the law on the wrong side. As a word of caution, limit the consumption of marijuana as excessive and regular use can lead to addiction.


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