Another going behind a paywall.. this in today.

Today we’re launching a rebooted WeedWeek California. Our mission is to be the essential news source for professionals involved in the country’s biggest and most complex market. Coverage will focus on the business, political, regulatory and legal news California cannabis professionals need.

You can expect content that takes minutes to consume and helps you do your job better. By shifting our focus, we believe we can be an essential source of news and intelligence for the California cannabis industry. You’ll hear from us several times a week with three primary types of coverage:

  1. Breaking news: We’ll deliver the latest developments from L.A. to Sacramento to Humboldt, straight to your inbox
  2. Context and analysis: WeekWeek California will explain what the news means for the industry and your business.
  3. Business Intelligence: Extensively researched reports on key issues. (Check out our report on MSOs’ arrival in California, and what took them so long.)

We’re also changing our business model. Starting in early 2021, most of this premium content will only be available to paid subscribers. For now, it’s still free. Over the next few weeks, we’ll do our best to prove to you that our reporting and work will be well worth your subscription.