California cities are creating new opportunities for Canna-businesses every day.  Check out the latest guides on Santa Rosa and San Bernardino, both taking applications now!

Santa Rose guide for Cannabis entrepreneurs

Santa Rosa is accepting medical cannabis applications for Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing, Testing, and Transporting businesses. Dispensary applications are not being accepted. There is no limit on how many licenses will be offered. Rather, Santa Rosa is using the availability of real estate as the method to cap the market.

San Bernardino guide for Cannabis entrepreneurs

The citizens of the City of San Bernardino opted to adopt California Proposition 215 (Compassionate Use Act) and starting accepting licenses as of June 5, 2017 for marijuana business permits.  This comes well over 6 months after voters approved Measure O, San Bernardino Regulate Marijuana Act of 2016

Measure O stipulates that applicants who wish to submit a Medical Marijuana Business Permit be for a property that is at least 600 feet from residential zones.  To equip applicants for cultivation, manufacturing, testing, transportation or distribution, analysis has been completed by the city to best identify the viable business locations.  Yet, there is more than just the business type and property location to consider when applying.