California Cannabis “terroir” Legislation Now In Effect

The Sacramento Bee reports…

California cannabis connoisseurs can celebrate — a new law inspired by the wine industry requires that marijuana must be grown in the “sun and soil” of a city or county in order to be labeled with a regional designation.

So when that product has an ‘appellation of origin’ label from the Mattole Valley in Humboldt County, for example, you can know that it was grown in the ground and without artificial light or cover.

California voters legalized recreational, adult-use cannabis in 2016, but state lawmakers have been busy tweaking the law ever since.

The new law, signed late last month by Gov. Gavin Newsom, relies on a wine industry term called “terroir” (pronounced tehr-waar), which according to Merriam-Webster means “the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive character.”

Now, that applies to cannabis as well. And California is the first state in the nation to legally recognize it.


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