19 April 2016

They write

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) has been backed by some political and activist heavyweights and it got announced a big endorsement today from California Congressman Ted Lieu, who represents the 33rd congressional district out of Los Angeles County. Representative Lieu isn’t new to cannabis activism, as he has previously led a bipartisan effort to decrease funding for the DEA’s eradication of marijuana plants. The California representative is joining the growing list of bipartisan legislators in Congress working to reform our nation’s marijuana laws for the better.

The AUMA, backed by California political powerhouses like Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Napster founder Sean Parker and the California Medical Association, is definitely compiling mainstream political support needed to win at the ballot box this November. Throw in Drug Policy Action, the Marijuana Policy Project of California, and NORML and the legalization effort also has the support of major activist organizations as well.

The effort to legalize marijuana across the nation is clearly picking up steam and all eyes will be on California this November, one of the top economies in the world. Adding California to the list of states with legal cannabis will add many more legislators fighting for legalization, or at least states’ rights, in Congress.

Here’s the press release announcing the endorsement of Congressman Lieu by the Let’s Get It Right California campaign: