California Daily Wrap: General, Ridgecrest City, San Mateo



Title: Confusion coming with California’s legal marijuana

Author: ( referred by Andrew Sacks SWD)

Date: 29 October 2017


Extract: Ready or not, California kicks off recreational marijuana sales on Jan. 1. And, mostly, it’s not.Los Angeles and San Francisco are among many cities still struggling to fashion local rules for pot shops and growers. Without the regulations, there could be limited options in many places for consumers eager to ring in the new year with a legal pot purchase.”The bulk of folks probably are not going to be ready Jan. 1,” conceded Cara Martinson of the California State Association of Counties.In general, California will treat cannabis like alcohol, allowing people 21 and older to legally possess up to an ounce and grow six marijuana plants at home.Come January, the newly legalized recreational sales will be merged with the state’s two-decade-old medical marijuana market, which is also coming under much stronger regulation.But big gaps loom in the system intended to move cannabis from the field to distribution centers, then to testing labs and eventually retail shops.The state intends to issue only temporary licenses starting in January, and it has yet to release its plan to govern the estimated $7 billion marketplace, the nation’s largest legal pot economy.



Title: Council to conduct public hearing on cannabis restrictions Nov. 1

Author: Ridgecrest Daily Independent

Date: 28 October 2017


Extract:  When the Ridgecrest City Council meets November 1, they will be holding a public hearing on an ordinance amending the municipal code to prohibit, restrict, and regulate medical and non-medical cannabis and commercial cannabis activities to the fullest extent allowed under state law.



Title:  County seeks input on pot legalization Draft rules would permit commercial cultivation in coastal greenhouses.

Author: SM Daily

Date: 28 October 2017


Extract:  San Mateo County officials are asking the public for input on a draft ordinance allowing indoor commercial cultivation. The Board of Supervisors agreed to proceed with rules and a licensing system to allow businesses to grow marijuana in greenhouses in unincorporated areas of the county. The move came following an influx of supporters contending it could serve as a boon to agricultural industries on the coastside. A draft ordinance was released Friday and officials are hosting public workshops Oct. 30 and Nov. 9 to discuss the proposal. “We want to really hear back from the stakeholders and the public,” said Assistant County Manager Mike Callagy. “We’re really trying to set [the rules] up in an organized and deliberate way.”



Title: Council to ponder pot rules Monday

Author: Simi Valley Acorn

Date: 27 October 2017


Extract:Marijuana deliveries for both recreational and medical uses may soon be legal in Simi Valley if the City Council approves a recommendation of the planning commission. Simi Valley currently has a moratorium on commercial and personal cultivation as well as the dispensing and delivery of medical marijuana within city limits. Pot remains a Schedule I drug in the eyes of the federal government. But residents 21 and over are allowed to use the drug and grow up to six plants inside their homes, neither of which could be restricted by local governments under Proposition 64, which in 2016 legalized recreational use for those of age in California. During its meeting Oct. 18, the commission unanimously recommended that the City Council approve an ordinance to continue prohibiting outdoor cultivation, dispensaries, and the smoking and ingesting of marijuana in public places.

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