Adding layer of confusion on top of layer of confusion .

Here at Cannabis Law News we wonder what happens when the same issues get multiplied across the entire country’s city councils

Comstock introduce their piece by writing….

Sacramento City Council has outlawed outdoor cultivation by legal cannabis patients, citing public safety and smell concerns. Now, added to this ban is the classification of cannabis cultivation as wasted water: Patients are no longer allowed to water legal, indoor plants, yet there is no penalty on those growing equally-legal crops hydroponically indoors, like tomatoes or herbs. What legal right does the council have to single out this particular crop when cultivated in accordance with local and state laws?

The law regarding medical marijuana cultivation is a hot topic right now. Almost every law-making authority is passing new laws on the subject. Reporting on these legislative efforts is a daunting task. The laws seem to contradict each other; they seem to change almost every day, and they are very hard to understand.

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Photo: Sacramento City Council Seal