California Legal Research: Judicata This Could Be The Best Tool For Getting Ahead Of CA Legislation & Cases As Cannabis Regulated Market Comes Online

California Legal Research: Judicata This Could Be The Best Tool For Getting Ahead Of CA Legislation & Cases As Cannabis Regulated Market Comes Online

Without a doubt its already a great tool for firms and attorneys already operating within the state but we’d suggest for those of you looking to work with cannabis clients as CA brings legislation into play it is a cheap and simple alternative to the the big end of town databases and with prices at $39 a month or only $348 a year to drill and find what you need in seconds — as they say. A no-brainer. Lovely people too




They may not have the coverage of a Westlaw or LN but we like the cut of their jib.

A quick chat over the phone revealed a company who have created a sharp, quick and google like approach to legal research.

They’ve picked a market they know they can cover and rather than try and cover a huge amount of geography . They’ve stuck to California developed a close relationship with their client base and created a research that allows you to find.

All state level code that’s currently in force as well as cases from California’s State Supreme Court

  1. Published back to 1935
  2. Unpublished back to 2008

With  the choice of a monthly sub at $39 or annual at $348

Obviously perfect if you are an attorney based in the state and they say they work with 4000 of them already.

But if you need to dip in and research. $39 for a month is a no brainer for out of state or internationals who might have a case or need to do general research.

We’re wondering if this is the future. Cheap state by state services by smaller companies who can react quickly and work closely with their market and clients

You pop straight in pay your $39 and have a month to do the research you need . No drilling down, no waiting for people to call you back to set your sub into action and most importantly an interface that subconsciously says google to us

They’ve just done this too

Judicata has simplified cite checking!

Never pull a list of cases manually again.

We’ve cooked up a new tool that will tell you whether the California cases in a brief are still good law!

As of today, you can upload a .docx or a text-searchable .pdf document to Judicata to view a report of the California cases cited within it. You can browse and sort the cited cases and their treatments, open individual cases, or print the entire report.

Judicata Cite Check is included with our Judicata Professional package. To make sure everyone gets to try it out, we’re extending free Judicata Cite Check access to all of our users until June 7th. 

Give it a try today and quickly access a list of all your (or your opponent’s) cited cases and make cite checking a breeze!

Have a look give it a test and talk to them. You get to talk with people who have worked on the product, developed together and are proud of what they do..

More to come



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