29 August 2016

yes we know this is all part of their strategy to sell more of their reports – but it’s an interesting set of data which sets one to thinking where will the DEA apply its energies if the Californian state legislature apply pressure on the DEA to stand back if and when legalization in the states goes through




Federal cannabis eradication efforts are focused on California, where more cannabis plants are destroyed each year than in all other states combined. Between 2009 and 2015, two-thirds (64%) of the cannabis plants eradicated were in California, totaling more than 29 million plants over the seven years. The pending vote to legalize adult cannabis use could significantly reduce federal eradication expenditures in the state, as legalization will not only make it easier to identify illicit producers, but also the demand for illicit cannabis will fall as consumers transition to the legal market.

What else should you expect from regulations and policies if marijuana is fully legalized in the Golden State? Find more insights and in-depth analysis in New Frontier & Arcview Market Research’s 2016 Legal Cannabis Market: California State Profile. It will include findings on topics such as:

  • New regulations and their impact on the market
  • Adult use versus medical use market projections
  • Regulatory autonomy and its impacts
  • Production overcapacity and effects on price
  • Outdoor versus greenhouse production and sustainability of indoor production
  • And much, much, more!!!