California: New Poll Suggests 60% Support Legalization reports

New polling results in California suggest six in ten voters are finally ready to legalize marijuana in the nation’s most populous state, when they go to the polls this November.

A telephone survey of 1000 likely CA voters, taken between Feb. 11th and 14th of this year by Probolsky ResearchT, asked voters the following question: “On the November 2016 ballot you may see an initiative that would legalize marijuana for recreational use under California law and allow government to tax it, likely bringing in millions in new revenues for government programs. If the election was held today, would you vote Yes to approve or No to reject this initiative? “

The survey found that 60% of California voters currently support the full legalization of marijuana, with 37% opposed, and 4% undecided (with a margin of error of plus or minus 3%). These were among the most promising polling results for marijuana legalization yet found in California or in any other state,

Among those supporting legalization, 43% were definitely in support; 15% were likely to support; and 2% were leaning towards support. Among those opposing legalization, 30% were definitely opposed; 7% were likely to oppose; and 1% were leaning towards opposing.

Perhaps most revealing were the levels of support found by age, gender and race.

No Longer a Gender Gap

First, and extremely important, the support for legalization in CA is now nearly the same for female voters as for male voters. In almost all national polls on legalization, there is a gender gap of 8% to 10%, with lower support among female respondents. This survey found that 61% of the men in CA support legalization, and 59% of women in CA support legalization. This is a finding that should prove most important in November, when women will comprise more than half of the voters.

All Age Groups Now Support Legalization, Except Us Old Folks

Second, marijuana was supported by a majority of all age groups, other than those 65 and above. Those 18-34 support legalization at an impressive 80% level; those 35-54 support legalization at 64% level; those 55-64 support legalization at 56% level; and even in my cohort, 65 and above, 46% support legalization. Marijuana legalization is clearly no longer just an issue of interest to young Americans, although they do support legalization in record numbers.

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