20 May 2016

The report goes on to say


Introduced by Councilwoman Desley Brooks, the equity permits, as they are being called, were added to the 18-month undertaking by the city’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission to craft the new regulations. The city plans to issue eight new permits a year, as well as expand other marijuana businesses. Currently, there are eight dispensaries in Oakland.

“When we look at the eight we have one that is owned by an African-American. One out of eight,” Brooks said, later adding, “everybody ought to have an opportunity to compete.”

Under the new laws, half of new marijuana permits will be reserved for people who live in East Oakland or were incarcerated for a marijuana-related arrest.

Brooks’ amendment would apply to people who have lived for at least two years within six police beats in East Oakland with high marijuana arrests or were imprisoned for marijuana crimes, as requested by Councilwoman Annie Campbell Washington.

Additionally, the equity applicants must have at least a 50 percent ownership stake in the business they are seeking to permit.

Full report at  http://www.thecannabist.co/2016/05/18/oakland-minority-marijuana-laws-businesses/54364/