California rolls out plans to standardize cannabis testing statewide

MJ Biz have published a detailed piece on SB.544.

Here’s the introduction

California regulators have begun a new push to standardize cannabis testing with the aim of eliminating inconsistencies among the state’s 41 operational marijuana labs.

Advocates say the effort – mandated by a new state law – will improve quality and reliability while discouraging lab shopping and other practices that produce bogus test results.

Industry officials across the country, for example, allege that some marijuana businesses – think growers, processors, manufacturers or distributors – shop for labs that will give them the results they want to see in the way of THC potency and contaminants.

Critics also say a lack of standards is among the factors plaguing the cannabis testing industry, threatening to undermine consumer confidence in marijuana products and making it harder for some labs to operate.

“This will bring additional consistency and accountability among licensed cannabis testing laboratories,” Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) spokeswoman Christina Dempsey said of the agency’s testing initiative.

“With a standardized method, laboratories can more easily identify and correct problems, and it will serve as an additional mechanism to ensure integrity.”

The DCC has designated two state-run labs to establish operating procedures that will serve as a blueprint for every marijuana testing lab in the state.

The directive was prompted by a new state law mandating that the cannabis regulator validate testing and procedures so labs provide accurate results and are more transparent about their testing operations.

In doing so, California joins a handful of other states that have standardized marijuana testing methods, including New Jersey and New York.

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