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Greetings from California Cannabis CPA! As a friendly reminder, California Quarterly BOE Sales Taxes are DUE on October 31st! 

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San Diego has released it’s latest application process for Conditional Use Permits for “Marijuana Outets.”  The City has limited the licenses to 4 per City Council District, get your application started today.  

Arcata is a hotbed of Cannabis activity in Northern California, namely outdoor cultivation.  The city has been taking Cannabis license applications since 2016,  our latest blog post covers the application process step by step.

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Distribution emerging as important cog in California’s marijuana supply chain


Title:  Martinez council considers Contra Costa County’s first medical marijuana store

Author: East Bay Times

Date: 24 October 2017


Extract:  Martinez may be the first city to allow a medical marijuana store in Contra Costa County if an exception to a proposed temporary commercial moratorium is made for a pending application. At the Oct. 18 City Council meeting, patients who use medical marijuana said they must buy from Oakland or San Francisco stores or grow it themselves indoors. Frank Hubach and others asked the city not to proceed with the planned moratorium, claiming it would be a hardship for them. City Attorney Jeffery Walters and City Manager Brad Kilger believe the moratorium is the prudent approach to the situation because there is uncertainty about California state regulations, and they need time to craft local ordinances that address public safety, finances, and enforcement.



Title:  With legal marijuana on its way, Palm Springs seeks to expand pot tax revenue

Author: Desert

Date: 24 October 2017


Extract: One of two tax measures on the ballot now before Palm Springs voters seeks to expand the city’s marijuana tax to recreational pot as soon as sales become legal in January. The proposal, known as Measure E, which Mayor Rob Moon has called a “no brainer,” is expected to pass. But what no one is able to predict is how much the broader tax will help the city of Palm Springs’ troubled finances. Already, the city collects about $1.5 million annually from a 10 percent tax on the medical marijuana sold in dispensaries. Expanding the tax to recreational sales should mean more money for the city, but just how much is a big unknown. Officially, the city isn’t releasing any projections.



Title:  Riverside County wants input on cannabis businesses

Author: Wild Town

Date: 24 October 2017


Extract:  Riverside County began a review and evaluation of its cannabis ordinances last spring. In August, it amended some to bring into compliance with the recent state laws, but a broader and full scale review continues. An official Riverside County website has been created on the county’s Planning Department website. At, you can submit your general views about cannabis and its regulation. To be included in a report to the Board of Supervisors, comments should be submitted no later than Jan. 7, 2018.According to Ray Smith, Riverside County’s public information officer, a report will not be ready until early 2018. Any staff level public meetings will be announced so that interested constituents may attend. None are planned yet


Title:  Vacaville, Calif., Extends Moratorium on Cannabis Business, Outdoor Cultivation

Author: Cannabis Business Times

Date: 26 October 2017


Extract:  The Vacaville City Council approved Tuesday extending an Interim Urgency Ordinance on cannabis, while city legal staff continue to hash out what uses, other than growing plants for personal use, could be allowed in the city. The council adopted the ordinance Sept. 26 and the initial 45-day period will expire Nov. 10. The extension may not exceed an additional 22 months and 15 days, so the total effective term will be two years.