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Grover Beach, CA is taking applications for Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Testing licenses.  Our latest blog post covers the application process step by step.

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Title: Admitted Carriers, CanaBOP Coming to California’s Cannabis Industry

Author: Insurance

Date: 20 October 2017


Extract:  The first admitted insurance carrier has filed to provide coverage to California’s legal cannabis industry and several more carriers have stated their intent to file products, according to state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. It also appears that standardized insurance forms for the cannabis industry may be on their way to California as well.

Forbes Covers Adherence Compliance’s California Product(s)

Adherence Compliance Data featured in Forbes

Marijuana Businesses, Particularly In California, Struggle To Navigate A Thicket Of Regulations

According to Adherence Compliance, a Denver-based company that specializes in cannabis compliance, about 76% of all operators fail at least on inventory requirements, 72% on security and surveillance requirements, 67% on labeling and packaging, 64% on business records and 53% on transport and storage. “Compliance is the coming storm in California. Without operational compliance, everything is at risk,” said Steve Owens, CEO of Adherence Compliance.

Owens notes that hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in the cannabis industry ― a lot of money at risk by not being able to comply with many layers of rules.

His company has taken predictive analytics and machine learning and applied it to the cannabis industry to determine where a licensed business may fail next. By doing hundreds of compliance inspections with cannabis businesses that range from dispensaries to cultivation centers to manufacturers that make vape pens or edibles, Adherence Compliance has identified some specific failure patterns.

“How will a medical marijuana dispensary or cultivation center in San Jose, California, fail tomorrow or next week? That’s the question that can save a business owner tens of thousands of dollars in fines, penalties and corrective actions,” Owens said. The California market is filled with existing owners trying to wrap their heads around a slew of new regulations that can vary by state and municipality.

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Title: La Verne Council prohibits commercial cannabis activities, sets regulations for personal pot cultivation

Author: Daily

Date: 20 October 2017


Extract:  Members of the La Verne City Council recently approved an ordinance banning all commercial marijuana activities in the city along with setting regulations for the personal cultivation of pot. Council members gave unanimous final approval to the ordinance, which was part of the Oct. 16 consent agenda, without discussion, City Manager Bob Russi said Friday. The council gave preliminary approval to the ordinance Sept. 5, and the matter was expected to return to the council Sept. 18 for final approval but was pulled off the agenda, according to a city staff report. Revisions were made to the proposed ordinance in order to include references to the state’s Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in late June, the staff report reads. The revised proposal was presented to the City Council for preliminary approval Oct. 2, Russi said.


Title: Complaints of illegal pot grows in Sacramento County are soaring, particularly in these neighborhoods

Author: Sacramento Bee

Date: 21 October 2017


Extract: “The plants were fairly small; they seemed like they were in the beginning stages of the grow cycle,” Miller said. “There’s a garage that’s been converted into a grow room and three other rooms have been set up to either dry or grow marijuana.” Such scenes are becoming increasingly familiar to deputies with the department, who this year alone have responded to hundreds of calls related to illegal marijuana grows in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County. Sheriff’s data provided to The Sacramento Bee through a Public Records Act request show deputies responded to 992 calls related to illegal marijuana grows in 2016, up from 511 calls in 2014. The surge in calls regarding illegal pot grows in Sacramento County comes even as the state is poised to permit commercial cultivation of marijuana for recreational use. Local jurisdictions such as Sacramento County retain the right to decide whether to allow such operations, however.