1 September 2016

The LA Times reported yesterday

A state lawmaker has dropped a proposal that would have allowed landlords renting apartments in California to bar their tenants from smoking medical marijuana in their residences.

Assemblyman Jim Wood (D- Healdsburg) could not work out an agreement with the chairwoman of a key committee on how to meet the needs of people relying on medical cannabis, an aide said.

Wood had said AB 2300 is needed because secondhand smoke can easily travel through windows, doors and shared ventilation system in multiunit apartments and condos.

“This is about protecting families that live in close proximity to others,” Wood said in a recent statement, adding that there are cannabis products that can be ingested without smoking them.

However, Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, thought the bill was too limiting on medical cannabis patients.

“They had a difference of opinion regarding the effectiveness of cannabis delivery mechanisms other than smoking,” said Liz Snow, a spokeswoman for Wood, who said the assemblyman agreed to drop the bill in lieu of Jackson’s continuing concerns.