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California Bill Would Create Limited-Service Canna-Banks


California Insurance Commissioner Asks Insurers to Serve Canna-Businesses


Title: Grand Jury report highlights dysfunction and law violations in Cal City government

Author: Desert News

Date: 24 April 2018



Although the city has passed ordinances allowing the cultivation, manufacturing and transport of cannabis, several departments have a hand in the permitting process, with multiple places to go to pay fees or get needed documents. Several employees at the front window can receive and receipt funds and fees, which can lead to inaccurate accounting.

So far, four cannabis businesses have been approved. But due to conflicting statements to the committee, it’s not clear how many funds have actually been received. About 185 applicants have started the process and paid at least some of the fees, but not all fees were entered under the same budget code, making it difficult to reconcile.

The account clerks at the payment window in City Hall collect payments for water bills, cannabis permits, business licenses, and other city charges. But the report said direct supervision is sometimes lacking, and there are instances of refund checks and account credits being issued for the same accounts.

The Grand Jury also found that not all council members were completely accurate on their Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interests with the California Fair Political Practices Commission) filed in September 2017.



Moreno Valley has opened applications for cannabis business license – with a deadline of May 11. The following types of licenses are available:

  • Indoor Cultivation license
  • Manufacturer – Type 6 license
  • Non-Volatile Testing Lab – Type 8 license
  • Dispensary/Retailer – Type 10 license
  • Storefront Distribution – Type 11 license
  • Microbusiness – Type 12 license

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