Monday, April 2, is the first day that applications are open in Moreno Valley & Colfax. Plus, check out these updates from around the state…

Today’s Top News

  • San Luis Obispo is planning to adopt further cannabis regulations and will vote in early May.
  • Riverside voted in mid-March to move forward with cannabis-friendly ordinances allowing for commercial cannabis businesses to open.
  • Santa Barbara has a vote scheduled for the potential adoption of the Cannabis Business Licensing Ordinance this week.
  • Lake Elsinore applications for ten cultivation and manufacturing licenses close April 15.

Read all the updates here: Important Deadline Reminders and Updates on Riverside, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara



Title:  Cannabis Investors Could Reap A Pot Of Gold, Says Analyst

Author: Forbes

Date: 3 April 2018



According to Venegas, California is the leader: “California’s medical cannabis market is already as big as the total markets in Colorado, Washington and Oregon combined, by most market participant’s estimates. Given the boost from that state and others that could change their laws, the legal cannabis …