California Wrap: Federal Court, Riverside, Tehama County, West Hollywood.


Title: Calif. County Can’t Escape Hemp Seizure Suit, Court Told

Author: Law 360

Date: 6 April 2018


Extract:  Cannabis Science Inc., American States University and others on Friday urged a California federal court not to toss their suit challenging a California county’s decision to seize $77 million worth of hemp crops from a Native American tribe, saying the county can’t regulate hemp that is grown for research.

Winnemucca Shoshoni MBS tribe subsidiary Free Spirit Organics LLC, nearby American States University, its partner HRM Farms Inc., and Cannabis Science Inc. — a research and development company focused on using hemp or cannabis to treat a…



Title:  Supervisors extend anti-hemp production prohibitions

Author: My Valley News

Date: 7 April 2018


Extract:  The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved a 10-month extension of a temporary ordinance prohibiting the industrial cultivation of hemp in unincorporated communities for public safety reasons.

One month ago, the supervisors approved the prohibition as an urgency item. The urgency provision was set to expire shortly, when the board will not be in session, so the 5-0 vote implementing the extension was necessary to prevent the interim ordinance from timing out, which the Office of County Counsel and the Office of the Agricultural Commissioner advised against.

The board directed county attorneys and agencies to proceed with drafting a set of regulations that, if approved, would permit commercial cannabis cultivation and sales in unincorporated areas. Hemp manufacturing is likely to be a part of that regulatory scheme, which is expected to be completed and submitted for board consideration in the next six months.

All forms of commercial marijuana distribution and sales are prohibited in unincorporated communities countywide. Cities are not affected by the ban, however.

According to the Office of County Counsel, the hemp-specific prohibition stems from the same “threats to the public health, safety and welfare” that are posed by the “unpermitted cultivation of cannabis.”

“Such urgent and immediate threats include, but are not limited to, an increased likelihood of criminal activity, the attraction of crime and associated violence, a strain on county resources and a detrimental impact on agriculture within the region resulting from exotic weeds, plant diseases, mites and other insects that are prevalent in industrial hemp,” county attorneys said in the interim ordinance.



Title: The current state of cannabis in Tehama County, surrounding counties

Author: Daily News

Date: 6 April 2018



Red Bluff. With commercial sale of recreational marijuana becoming legal in California starting this year, cities and counties throughout the state are faced with re-evaluating their local laws regarding sales.

Counties and cities have varying policies regarding the buying and selling of marijuana. Tehema County’s ordinance, though, is mirrored by Corning, Red Bluff and the city of Tehama.

Cannabis commerce can be broken down into two parts: Recreational and Medicinal. These categories each have grows and dispensaries. A grow is where marijuana plants can be cultivated for the purpose of sale and a dispensary is the store where the products are sold.

The law across Tehama County is very similar from city to city.

Based on the existing ordinance, distribution of all cannabis is outlawed, which means there can be no dispensaries, medical or recreational.

Personal grows are allowed but can contain no more than six plants and they must be grown in a code-abiding, uninhabited structure built away from the primary residence.

The county has formed an ad hoc committee to work with residents on reviewing existing laws concerning cannabis cultivation and sales, so local ordinances may be relaxed in the future.


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