Title:   The Cannabis Industry Has Mixed Reviews on California’s New Rules for Legal Marijuana


Date: 21 November 2017


Extract: One of the greatest hurdles is the discrepancy between state and local regulations. “Municipal agencies need to step up and be ready,” says Daniel Yi, director of communications at MedMen, a marijuana retail and management services company. Cannabis businesses need a local license before they can obtain a state license. If a local jurisdiction doesn’t lay out its regulations in a timely manner concurrent with the state’s timeline, then businesses in that region won’t be able to operate. The second main issue is enforcement, adds Yi. If the state doesn’t enforce these new regulations, then noncompliant businesses have a competitive edge over those paying lawyers to get licensed and follow the law. Legal businesses will already have to compete with the black market, given how high cannabis taxes are expected to be.


Title:   Silicon Valley Churches Pose As Marijuana Dispensaries To Sell Tax-Free Weed

Author: IB Times

Date: 19 November 2017


Extract:  Several California law enforcement and district attorney’s offices are cracking down on churches posing as dispensaries to sell marijuana products.

The Coachella Valley Church in San Jose, the Oklevueha Native American Church in South Bay and The Citadel Church of La Puente in Los Angeles are among the houses of worship being targeted for selling weed. The churches have been identified by law enforcement officials for allegedly operating illegal, unlicensed dispensaries. Church leaders also argue that their nonprofit status as a religious congregation allows marijuana sales to be considered tax-exempt.

Members of the Coachella Valley Church staff and congregation had previously argued that they use pot and cannabis for spiritual purposes and are exempt from sales restrictions under religious freedom statutes, Mercury News first reported. The church claims to be one of the country’s first federally recognized Rastafarian Cannabis churches.




Title:  Arvin moves to attract businesses by legalizing marijuana cultivation

Author: The Runner Online

Date: 20 November 2017


Extract:  Arvin is a small, almost unknown, town in Kern County that is taking the lead in improving it’s economic status with a booming industry.

Arvin voted in favor of moving towards passing regulatory cultivation of marijuana with a four to one vote.

The hope is that outside dispensaries will reach out to Arvin for supplies of cannabis.




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