Title:  Marijuana legalization creating real estate frenzy

Author: Turlock Jnl

Date: 2 February 2018



After passing a conservative allowance strategy permitting retail sales in the area, Stanislaus County received 265 Commercial Cannabis Activity permit requests in October, all from entrepreneurs vying for the opportunity to grow, distribute and sell marijuana in the Central Valley. The massive number of applicants all searching for a place to conduct retail sales has created a rat race for available real estate – whether agricultural land for cannabis grows or commercial properties for dispensary locations and distribution centers – inflating prices and creating




Title:  City of Chula Vista Considering Legalizing Marijuana, Taxing Businesses

Author: NBC 4

Date: 3 February 2018



The City of Chula Vista is considering putting a measure on the ballot to legalize recreational marijuana and tax cannabis businesses.

The city hired a private research firm to conduct a scientific survey to find out how voters feel about the issue.

When is the best time? June? November? What is the chance of the measure passing?

In the online or phone survey, voters are asked if the city should impose up to a 15-percent tax on gross receipts of cannabis businesses, and up to $10 per square foot for cannabis cultivation, industrial, manufacturing and testing facilities. The survey says the tax could raise an estimated $6 million every year.



Title: Santa Clarita Planning Commission Seeks Public Comment On Potential Marijuana Regulations


Date: 2 February 2018



The planning commission is set to receive public comment on potential restrictions to personal residential pot grows during the Feb. 6 meeting, according to city officials.

In November of 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64 to legalize recreational cannabis in the state, but the Santa Clarita City Council voted to place a moratorium on the retail sale pot.

Prop 64 does not allow local jurisdictions to prohibit the personal possession, smoking, or consumption of cannabis, nor does it allow local jurisdictions to prohibit the cultivation of up to six plants within a private residence, according to the law.

However, the proposition allows local jurisdictions to reasonably regulate the cultivation of cannabis within a private residence or accessory structure, said city officials.

All cannabis cultivation within Santa Clarita city limits is prohibited except that up to six living cannabis plants may be cultivated inside a private residence, or inside an accessory structure.

Such cultivation may only occur in residences and accessory structures that are fully enclosed and secured against unauthorized entry. Cannabis cultivation is prohibited in garages, courtyards, balconies and other outdoor spaces, according to city officials.