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Title: California Continues to Struggle with Cannabis Reform – Topical Cannabis

Author: Bay City Beacon

Date:  10 June 2018



Cannabis momentum hits a fever pitch in the national political spotlight. But has California’s legalization brought equitable outcomes?

Both of Senator Kamala Harris’ Twitter accounts – her official senate account and the one perpetually running for president – have openly endorsed federal cannabis reform. Even Senator Feinstein has jumped on the bandwagon, if only to win herself a sixth term.

But their constituents back home have passed the jubilant high, and come down to a difficult transition period.

Even with federal moves toward leniency from both parties, California’s cannabis companies are still largely cut off from banking services. Bipartisan reform at the state level, and even in Congress, may still take several months, at best, to pass and implement. In the meantime, the local cannabis industry is still struggling. From San Francisco’s dispensary mandate to provide an educational flyer with every purchase (which cannot be written off, mind you) to the onerous taxes levied by every level of government, our businesses are drowning in fees and regulations.

Title: Press Release – California’s Readoption of Emergency Regulations for Cannabis Cultivation Goes Into Effect

Author: Cannabis Business Times

Date: 7 June 2018



PRESS RELEASE – CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing, a division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, has readopted the emergency regulations for commercial medicinal and adult-use cannabis cultivation. This readoption of the regulations features several amendments, which are outlinedhere.

Effective June 6, 2018, all applicants seeking temporary licensure must submit the following attachments with every temporary cannabis cultivation license application:

  • A copy of a valid license, permit, or other authorization, issued by a local jurisdiction;
  • New! A proposed cultivation plan;
  • New! Identification of applicable water sources and the applicable supplemental information;
  • New! Evidence of enrollment with the applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board or State Water Resources Control Board for water-quality-protection programs or written verification from the appropriate board that enrollment is not necessary.

Please refer to Section 8100 of the emergency regulations for clarification of the temporary license application requirements at the link provided above.

Temporary applications that do not contain all the required information and documentation will be deemed incomplete and will be denied. Any existing temporary licenses or temporary license applications submitted prior to June 6, 2018, are not required to include the additional documentation.

The CalCannabis Licensing System is being updated to reflect these additional requirements. Until that update is complete, applicants may still submit the required documents in one of the following ways:

1. Electronically

Upload the new required documents via the CalCannabis Licensing System and either:

a. Add the attachments on the page labeled “Step 2: Attachments” prior to final submission of the application:
Click the “Add” button
Select document to upload and click “Continue”
Select “Other” within the “Type” dropdown list
Provide a brief description of the attachment
Click “Save” when finished
Repeat for each attachment


b. Add the attachments after final submission of the application:
While logged in, locate and select the desired application record in the “My Licenses” toolbar link
Select the down arrow next to “Record Info” and select “Attachments”
Click the “Add” button
Select the document to upload and click “Continue”
Select “Other” within the “Type” dropdown list
Provide a brief description of the attachment
Click “Save” when finished
Repeat for each document you want to attach

A quick reference guide on how to add attachments after submission of an application is available here.

2. By Mail

Submit a hard copy of the application form and all required documents to: California Department of Food and Agriculture, CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division, P.O. Box 942871, Sacramento, California 94271. The updated Cannabis Cultivation Temporary License Application is available here.

If you have questions about this notice, please contact CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing by calling toll-free 1-833-CALGROW (1-833-225-4769) or send an email to



Steep Hill Offers Compliance Consulting as California Approaches July 1 Regulatory Launch


  • San Rafael has recently announced the opening of their pilot medical cannabis licensing program. Click the link to read what four types of licenses will be available.
  • Pasadena voters decided on local cannabis measures on June 5, all of which passed. Read what Measure CC and Measure DD mean for the city’s cannabis industry.
  • South Lake Tahoe will approve six total cannabis licenses of various types (listed at the link below!).
  • Don’t forget: applications for San Bernardino close in two weeks!

Read more: Post-Election Cannabis Updates from Pasadena, Licenses in San Rafael, South Lake Tahoe, and Deadlines in San Bernardino!



Title: Voters to Decide on Cannabis

Author: Tri County Sentry

Date: 11 June 2018



Paying for the privilege took a step forward in the City of Oxnard, June 5, as the city council passed a resolution to hold an election about placing a tax on cannabis.

The cannabis tax question will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

The Oxnard City Council approved delivery of medical cannabis in the city limits last April.

Interim Assistant City Manager Ashley Golden said the cannabis tax would be on cultivation, delivery, testing, laboratories, retail sales, distribution, and manufacturing.

“Although we currently do not allow any of these, with the timing of the ballot measures they need to be to the county by July 3,” Golden said. “Putting this before the voters do not change the regulations we have in place today.”

She said passing the resolution will keep the city’s ‘go slow’ approach in place, but at the same time keep the options open if the council chooses to allow cannabis before the 2020 election.

She said on July 8, 2017, the council prohibited commercial cannabis in the city and incorporated medical cannabis into the zoning ordinance and revised regulations to allow for medical cannabis.

“Staff has carried out those items, and most recently to allow for medical delivery,” she said.

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