Title: Ex California City Fire Chief speaks out after being let go Tuesday

Author: 23 ABC News Bakersfield

Date: 22 December 2017


Extract:  Upon his appointment, Chief Vincent was tasked with working with Marijuana businesses seeking permits to build Marijuana cultivation facilities. Chief Vincent was pressured by City Officials to be more business friendly to Marijuana businesses and allow them to build Marijuana grow, extraction, and distribution buildings without meeting all of the requirements of the California State Fire Code. Chief Vincent reported the pressure to allow Fire Code violations for Marijuana businesses from City Officials and local Marijuana business owners/investors.

On July 25, 2017, Chief Vincent presented a Marijuana Impact Report to City Council, outlining the fire and safety dangers that are associated with the marijuana industry. He included recommendations for training, personnel, and resources needed to be able to safely serve these facilities based on local, county, state, federal, and international standards. City Council Members expressed concern that following Chief Vincent’s recommendations for safety measures would be too costly.

Following Chief Vincent’s report and refusal to allow exceptions to the Fire Code for marijuana businesses, he was subjected to retaliation by City Officials and Marijuana business owners/investors. Chief Vincent has always held fast that the Fire Code is in existence for the protection of the community and its first responders. He required that Marijuana businesses follow the same standards that would be applied to any other business to ensure public safety and enforcement of the Fire Code.


Title: Cannabis operators flock to Santa Rosa, Sonoma County in 2017

Author: North Bay Business Journal

Date: 25 December 2017


Extract:  Santa Rosa and unincorporated Sonoma County promised the most welcoming environment for cannabis-based business. The city of Santa Rosa received several dozen applications for indoor cultivation, processing, distribution and eventual sale. Industrial buildings that had sat vacant for years, such as a Giffen Ave. site in southwest Santa Rosa, offered plenty of indoor growing space, sufficient distance from schools and residences, and a degree of security. Though some neighbors resisted the push into cannabis, most acquiesced to the will of California voters.

Both county and city governments expect millions of dollars in new taxes from the cannabis industry, though it’s still too early to tell how much tax revenue will actually materialize. Small growers, especially, continue to worry about the threat of prosecution under federal law, where cannabis is illegal.

On Jan. 1, 2018, adult-use cannabis can be legally sold where a business owner has the needed permits.



Title: Thousand Oaks City Council approves selection process for commercial marijuana businesses

Author: VC Star

Date:  25 December 2017


Extract:  The Thousand Oaks City Council has approved a comprehensive process by which the city can select operators for one medical marijuana dispensary and one marijuana testing facility in an industrial part of town.

“This process will identify the businesses that are the most qualified and the best fit for the city,” stated a staff report from Thousand Oaks Finance Director John Adams to City Manager Andrew Powers.