California Wrap: Transportation, California Cannabis CPA Update


Title:  California Rules May Make Weed Shippers Report Themselves To The Feds

Author: Wired

Date: 13 May 2018



It’s not just that the federal government still considers transporting cannabis very much a crime. It’s not even that California has never finalized rules for moving the leafy greens, even two decades after legalizing medical toking. (Insert joke about the duration of an average Phish song here.) It was only in January, a year after Californians voted to legalize recreational marijuana, that the state issued temporary regs.

These laid the groundwork for a digital track-and-trace system, which will be outlined in full once the state’s weed agency, the Bureau of Cannabis Control, releases the final regulations in the next month or so. A crucial part of the system will be licensing every vehicle used to traffic transport weed across the state.

This has the weed transport industry equal parts excited and anxious. On one hand, legitimate cannabis capitalists using armored vehicles will no longer have to compete with that shady dude who swears his Honda CRX can outrun any jackers. On the other hand, California’s pre-existing laws require many commercial vehicles operating within the state register with the federal Department of Transportation—by telling them exactly how the vehicle will be used.


* San Bernardino pushed back their cannabis application deadline from late May until June 25. Check out our summary of San Bernardino’s application process ( .

* Alameda County adopted an ordinance that will increase the total number of cultivation sites allowed in the county from six to ten.

* The city of Alameda is now accepting applications on a first come first serve basis for cannabis testing laboratories.

* Ojai is introducing an ordinance that will allow for cannabis testing labs in the city.

* Redwood City adopted an ordinance to start Phase 3 of their cannabis program, which allows for commercial indoor cannabis nurseries to open in certain districts.

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