A model that should be operational in all states. Great article from Leafly at the end of the week giving a bit of detail on what and how CA plan to run their microbusiness licenses for Cannabis.

A New Licensing Model


First introduced as part of Proposition 64 in relation to adult-use operations, the microbusiness license is now poised to be available to medical marijuana businesses too, courtesy of SB 94. The license would allow small businesses to act as a one-stop-shop; owners could grow cannabis on an area of less than 10,000 square feet, while also acting as distributor, non-volatile manufacturer and retailer.

This is essentially a smaller version of a typical vertical integration model, and can apply to indoor or outdoor cultivation sites, said attorney Habib Bentaleb of Harris Bricken.

Microbusiness growers don’t want to compete with the Budweisers of cannabis.

“It is supposed to be a nice way for craft cannabis companies to differentiate themselves [from] what will inevitably be large-scale grow cultivations throughout the state,” said Bentaleb, who specializes in cannabis regulation and represents Gray.