California’s Dept Of Public Health Slow To Publish Standards And Guidelines For “Edibles”

They note in the report that the  Act did not give the CA department a deadline simply stating:

“the state department of public health shall develop standards for the production and labeling of all edible medical cannabis products.”

Ironically, those who most need the medicinal properties of edible medical marijuana products are also among those most likely to fall victim to food borne pathogens. People with prescriptions for medical marijuana edibles, such as cancer patients, often have weakened immune systems and may be at increased risk of developing infections from exposure to foodborne pathogens.

The edibles, which range from chewing gum to brownies, are not considered food or drugs under California’s existing Health and Safety Code. They are in legal limbo in terms of food safety jurisdiction.

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Food Safety News Report:

California Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act

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