Calyxt Shares Rise 11% on Seedless Hemp Plants

Not often we’ll mention a  stock price but we thought this worth highlighting..

Calyxt Inc. shares were up 11% to $4.46 after the company said it was expanding its hemp breeding platform with the addition of triploid breeding technology to create seedless hemp.

The company said seedless hemp can offer significant advantages in crop management and harvest potential.

Calyxt said that for hemp fiber production, a seedless crop can improve fiber quality and increase yield. Grain production for hemp protein and oil derivatives can also be enhanced with a breeding program based on controlled pollination, effectively eliminating the threat of rogue pollinators that can suboptimize yields.

The seedless, pollen-proof plants will offer growers significant upgrades for their cropping system by de-risking broad acre cultivation, likely improving both quality and yield.

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