Can CBD Oil Help with Recovery from Surgery?

It is already news that CBD oil and other products are proving to be real help for people suffering from problems like anxiety, depression, inflammation, and stress. However, there is more to CBD’s healing properties than the aforementioned problems. 

One of these traits is its potential to heal people who have gone through any kind of surgery. Since there is no definite research to prove the accuracy of CBD’s influence on recovery from surgery, there is no straightforward answer for the same. Even so, since CBD oil can anecdotally put anxious parts of the brain at ease and improve recovery from surgery. 

Many people have started taking CBD oil as a natural supplement post-surgery to heal themselves. However, it is important to learn about the ideal dosage for you and product for you. Read on to learn more on the same. 

What is CBD?

For those who don’t know, CBD is abbreviated for Cannabidiol, a naturally-occurring compound found in the cannabis and hemp plant. Yes, cannabis is the same plant that gives birth to marijuana. However, CBD’s traits are quite different from that of marijuana, or hashish. How? Well, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of marijuana? Here’s the answer—getting high! Well, you get high because of another compound called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC present in high amounts in marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, does not contain more than 0.3% of THC in total, which isn’t enough to produce ‘high’ in the body. This also makes CBD a non-controlled substance in the US. As long as your local laws go with it, you can buy and consume CBD products unabashedly.                       

CBD has become the shining star of the health and wellness industry because of its miraculous ability to heal mental and emotional problems, such as anxiety, depression, and inflammation. Initially, there were more positive mental health benefits of CBD. Recently, its ability to heal physical problems has also come in light. One of these abilities is possible help in recovery from surgery. 

Use of CBD oil before surgery 

Even though the focus of this article is on post-surgery benefits of CBD, one can also consume CBD oil before going for the surgery. The top benefit of taking CBD before any surgery is that it has been proven to reduce anxiety by interacting with brain receptors to balance serotonin levels of the body. 

When the body achieves a good serotonin level, the fears, depression, and negative thoughts decrease as well and you feel better before heading into the surgery room. If you want to know the best cbd oil you can visit dmagazine.

Use of CBD oil post-surgery

Someone who has gone through any kind of major surgery knows that there are two problems that arise after it –pain and discomfort in sleep. 

Pain – When you come out of surgery, it is obvious to feel pain in the areas that were affected at the time of surgery. CBD oil is known for its extraordinary ability to deal with chronic as well as temporary pains of the body. 

Sleep problems – Casts, wounds, bandages, etc, cause pain more or less pain to the body. This also makes sleeping a discomfort. Thus, it makes it difficult for the person to get through the pain of surgery easily. Since CBD has also proven to work with insomnia well, a good amount of CBD oil can also help people fall asleep. Sleep is the best way to lessen the pain caused by surgery or any other physical and emotional problem. When you sleep intensely, half of your pain is put at ease and soon. 

How CBD can help in recovery from surgery?

Even though there are no definite researches or studies on humans to prove that therapeutic qualities do, in fact, exist in CBD, people from all over the world have reckoned that they do. Well, some of the anecdotes about CBD’s success in healing anxiety, depression, inflammation, and pain as well. 

Thus, there are certain reasons that support CBD’s ability to heal people recovering from surgery. Some of them are listed below-

  1. Anti-inflammatory qualities – CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory qualities and thus, it serves as a natural solution to counter the effects of medications like Advil. CBD helps in reducing the pain at the time of coping with the pain of the surgery. Once the inflammation is reduced, the body heals faster. 
  2. Antibiotic effects – As per research and reports, CBD is prone to have antibiotic effects in living beings. When you are recovering from a surgery, these effects will enhance healing by destroying microorganisms that are usually harmful for the body. Once these organisms are destroyed, it helps in repairing the body quickly than usual. 
  3. Builds a strong immune system – When a person is recovering from a surgery or pain, it is obvious that their immune system goes down. This is the reason why doctors suggest having a good sleep regime during the time of healing. One of the many known traits of CBD is its ability to build a strong immune system in the body. The minute your immunity grows stronger, you will heal from the surgery faster. 
  4. It is a natural medicine – CBD is a naturally-occurring -extracted compound. Thus, it comes with zero side-effects unlike other medicinal forms, and isn’t prepared in a lab. It is non-artificial in nature. Thus, even if taken as a supplement, it works wonders in the human body recovering from any kind of surgery. 



There are numerous amazing ways in which CBD oil can help you in recovering from surgery. These days, even doctors, surgeons, and medical practitioners are suggesting CBD to their patients. However, since authentic research and studies are still in fancy, there is no proper perusal of the same by the authorities. Even so, people are finding CBD to be a miraculous source of emotional, mental, and now, physical healing. If you are someone who is going for surgery in a few days, then perhaps it’s time that you consult your doctor to begin your course on CBD. It is going to make things quite easy for you both, before and after your surgery. 

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