Can You Make Cannabis Oil At Home? Follow These Useful Guidelines

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your health or manage pain, knowing how to make cannabis oil at home can take you down a self-sufficient path of self-care. It can be used in a variety of ways, from soothing balms, edibles, or a garnish for your fried foods! 

To learn how to make homemade cannabis oil, follow these useful guidelines for making the most effective cannabis oil product. 

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

To make cannabis oil, cannabis is heated gently with oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil. By heating cannabis in oil, the cannabinoid molecules leave the buds or plant material and fuse together with the oil.

Cannabis oil can be made from a wide range of oils. The most common ingredients in edible medicines or topical applications are olive oil, and coconut oil, both of which have strong antifungal properties. The oil can be protected against mold and extend shelf life. 

It’s never a good idea to buy any medical products online. When it comes to cannabis oil, you want it to be made from organic cannabis plants. Unlike a DIY product, you can never be certain if the cannabis oil you buy contains any harmful chemicals.  

In order to guarantee the quality of the oil, you must produce it yourself.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Oil

Along with reducing anxiety and pain in the body, cannabis oil can also ease the symptoms of numerous physical and mental health conditions. When you know how to make cannaoil, you’ll be able to use healthy fats and know exactly what’s going into your bottle, as opposed to relying on refined oils and additives from commercial producers. The great thing about cannabis-infused oil is that you can add it to almost anything. Fry your vegetables with it, infuse it into your favorite drink, or use it with an edible, like brownies.  

Ingredients For Cannabis Oil 

You need only the freshest cannabis flowers and the oil of your choice to create cannabis oil. As a rule of thumb, use one cup of buds to one cup of oil. 

Materials For Cannabis Oil

  • Pot, saucepan, or slow cooker. 
  • Weed grinder, or dicing tool. 
  • Cheesecloth or strainer.
  • Bottle or another type of jar or container for the finished product. 
  • Thermometer (useful but not absolutely necessary). 

Process of Making Cannabis Oil

Before you begin, brace yourself for the strong whiff of weed in your house. If you’re making the oil in your kitchen a word of caution. But once you contain it, the smell will subside.  

Making cannabis oil is most challenging when it comes to infusion. But you will be able to master it with a little practice. 

  1. Grind your cannabis. Be careful not to overdo it. If you grind your cannabis too fine, you will end up with a lot of sediment at the bottom of your oil, which will affect its flavor. 
  2. In your pot, saucepan, or slow cooker, combine the oil of your choice with the cannabis.


Note: Ensure the cooking temperature does not exceed 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Low heat will help infuse the oil and cannabis for quality cannabis oil. If it’s too hot, your oil will go bad. 

Use a thermometer to measure the temperature. If you don’t have one, just make sure the cannabis oil doesn’t boil. 

  1. Cooking time can vary. If you are using a slow cooker, leave it for around 4-6 hours. If cooking in a pot or saucepan, cooking time is around 3-4 hours. 
  2. Filter the resulting oil through your strainer or cheesecloth, and bottle it. 

A Few Cannabis Oil Tips 

Choosing your carrier oil

Just like you can infuse your foods with whatever oils you have on hand, you can infuse various oils with cannabis too. However, coconut oil contains more saturated fat, which may bind cannabinoids more readily than olive oil.

Cooking temperature

What happens if you cook anything at a high temperature? It doesn’t turn out nice and is rarely edible. The taste and color are compromised. Cooking your cannabis oil is an exciting venture but try not to rush the process. Take your time, and the results will be worth it. 

Cannabis Oil Potency

Homemade cannabis oil can be tricky because it is very difficult to determine its exact potency. First, consider the bud strength of the cannabis you’re using. The bud potency of a homegrown may be difficult to calculate. Or you may be using dispensed cannabis that you’re unfamiliar with. 

Just in case, temper the amount of cannabis you use in your oil to determine the perfect individual dosage for your personal needs. Once you become familiar with cannabis oil as a product, you can better determine how much of it to infuse. 

Making your cannabis oil with some very simple tools is a great way to manage your medical needs on your own. It’s an incredibly versatile product that is easy to use and easier to make once you figure out the best solution for you. 


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