Canada: Magic mushroom shop reopens one day after police shut it down

The FunGuyz store in Cambridge, Ont. reopened Wednesday, less than 24 hours after Waterloo regional police raided the magic mushroom dispensary and shut it down.

Officers were seen taking sealed bags out of the King Street location early Tuesday afternoon.

Police later confirmed they seized a large amount of suspected psilocybin in various forms, as well as cash.

he owner, who has identified himself as Hector Hernandez, told CTV News after the raid that he planned on reopening.

“The job of the police is pretty self-evident,” he said Tuesday. “We know what to do and we don’t interfere with their duties. Our job, as part of this fight, is to remain open to the customers of Cambridge, for those who want access to psilocybin.”

Other magic mushroom dispensaries across Ontario have also been raided.

Stores in Brantford, Windsor and Wasaga Beach have previously been shut down.

Hernandez said he’s not dissuaded.

“The entire point of what we’re doing is to change the sentiment and some of the misunderstandings surrounding psilocybin,” he told CTV News Tuesday.


On Wednesday, CTV News asked Waterloo regional police about FunGuyz’s plan to reopen.

Police advised against it.

“This is an illegal controlled substance, so once it’s illegal it’s probably best to not keep selling it,” said WRPS Const. Chris Iden.

FunGuyz staff estimated police seized more than $10,000 in product.

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