The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports

The New Brunswick government says it will enter the legal-cannabis retail market by having NB Liquor set up a network of tightly controlled, stand-alone stores starting next July.

Up to 20 stores will be established with strict policies in place: they will be located at least 300 metres away from schools, they will only display products under glass, and customers will need to show identification to prove they are of legal age before they can even get in.

    There’s no decision yet on what the price will be, what the stores will be called, or what the legal age will be.

    “There is much work to be done in a very short period of time,” NB Liquor chief executive officer Brian Harriman said at a Wednesday morning news conference.

    “But we are confident we will be able to develop the proper system for the distribution and retailing of legalized recreational cannabis.”

      Finance Minister Cathy Rogers said jurisdictions that already have legalized marijuana sales, including the states of Colorado and Washington, recommended the province strictly control sales, at least at the outset.

      “Their advice was to start with tight government oversight in the beginning,” she said.

      “We want to ensure that cannabis stays out of the hands of youth and criminals.”

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