Canada: Toronto Dispensary Crackdown Dubbed “Operation Claudia”

28 May 2016

Canada’s National Observer reports

Marijuana activist and Cannabis Culture co-owner Jodie Emery expressed outrage over an investigation dubbed ‘Project Claudia,’ in which Toronto police raided a number of marijuana distributors on Thursday.

“It is not a coincidence that Bill Blair met with ‘Licensed Producers’ lobbyists this week and now Toronto police are raiding dispensaries,” she alleged, referencing a meeting on May 24 during which Toronto MP Bill Blair reportedly praised medical marijuana producers.

Blair, a former Toronto police chief, is spearheading the Liberal government’s marijuana legalization efforts.

Emery expressed disappointment with the Trudeau government, arguing that the new administration, despite promises to legalize marijuana, has been more restrictive than the previous Conservative government.

“I think the Liberal Government has betrayed the Canadian public and they are just maintaining and worsening the status quo — this is a new form of prohibition. And politicians who support prohibition are supporting organized crime.”

Toronto police, meanwhile, stated that the locations being targeted as part of Project Claudia were already given a letter of caution on May 18, and that the investigations into marijuana shops acting “illegally” would continue to be investigated.

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