Canada: Unlicensed psilocybin mushroom dispensary opens up in Hamilton

The Vancouver Sun

The store in Hamilton, dubbed the Mushroom Cabinet, is part of “the cause,” spokesperson Matthew Francis told the Hamilton Spectator.

“We’re interested in pushing forward and getting into legalization,” said Francis, who is not the Hamilton city council member with the same name.

The Hamilton store currently offers seven strains of dried psilocybin mushrooms, microdose capsules and edibles to adults aged 19 and older. On its website, the Mushroom Cabinet contends its products are “Canada’s finest” and “responsibly sourced.”

Francis told the Spectator that he was also involved in unlicenced cannabis stores before legalization and see parallels in how the substances are being handled by regulators.

“I know it’s technically not a grey area, but Health Canada is approving medicinal (psilocybin) and that’s how it happened with cannabis, too. I see it being the same thing,” he said.

Currently, there are three legal ways for Canadians to access psilocybin. They can register for a medical trial, apply through Canada’s Special Access Program or seek a personal exemption to the CDSA.

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