Canada: World’s First Medical Marijuana Delivery App Launched

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports

Need some medical marijuana? There’s an app for that.

An Alberta-based pot producer has launched a mobile app to make it easier for patients with a prescription to purchase federally-regulated medicinal weed.

Cam Battley, of Aurora Cannabis, said the idea was to give customers the same service as giant online retailers such as Amazon.

“As far as we know, it is the first legal app for Android and Apple for federally-approved legal medical cannabis,” Battley said.

“The fact is that people live on their phones and tablets. They use them to shop for everything from consumer products and health products to medicine. It is an acknowledgment of the reality of how people operate today.”

Battley said the app allows patients registered with Aurora to access their own files and select the type of medical marijuana they want to buy.

The app lists different strains of pot such as “Blue Dream Ambition” or “LSD Baker” and shows their THC and other medicinal content. There’s also a picture, a product description and the price per gram.

A simple click on the “add-to-cart” button and customers are ready to check out just as if they were ordering a consumer product from any other online store.

Same-day delivery is available in parts of Alberta and there is free delivery for orders of five grams or more.

“It is all about customer service,” Battley said. “It should be fast, it should be easy and it should be convenient.”

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