Canadian Green Party Publishes Latest Manifesto & Cannabis Policy

Jump to page 45 for their full cannabis policy.

Here’s the outline..


A year into the legalization of cannabis, the laws in the regulatory framework for cannabis production and sale are evident and a reform agenda is emerging.

Although one of the goals of legalization was to undermine the black market, since October 2018 the percentage of Canadians obtaining cannabis from illegal sources has not dropped below 38 per cent.19 Contributing to this is an approach to legalization that treats the production of cannabis as uniquely dangerous. Security requirements mean growers must use more energy and water and deal with diseases and pests that thrive in greenhouses, increasing costs and hobbling their ability to meet production expectations. CBD (cannabidiol), used medicinally to reduce pain and anxiety, is not available to many who have prescriptions, increasing the illegal market for cannabis.

A Green government will:

  • Lower the federally set price for cannabis to make it competitive with illegal supplies.
  • Eliminate requirements for excess plastic packaging on legal cannabis.
  • Remove the sales tax on medicinal products.
  • Allow outdoor production and impose organic production standards.
  • Exempt CBD from the restrictions of the Prescriptions List, allowing hemp growers to produce it as a natural health product. This would strengthen the hemp industry and increase supply so those who use it for medicinal purposes do not have to purchase it illegally.

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