CHTA recently sent the following  letter to it’s members with a call to action

White Paper Below

We need your help!  The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) and Canadian Health Food Association (CHTA) distributed the attached News Release and White Paper on 8May2019 asking the Government of Canada to revise their policy on CBD.  The initial response from our government contacts was positive.  Our request was viewed as being reasonable and well documented, but we need to push for ACTION NOW, rather than waiting for the U.S. and other countries to beat us to the punch (by deferring action until after the next federal election).

I am now asking you for help by contacting your Member of Parliament (MP).  Contact information for all Members of Parliament can be found at on the House of Commons website.  Specifically, I am asking you to forward a copy of our News Release and White Paper to your MP with a request for a response from Health Canada, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Border ServicesA personal note or email from you is the more effective form of request to your MP; I suggest that you include the following points in your communication (feel free to copy these key messages as you see fit):

We are asking for the following changes to CBD regulation:
1. Remove CBD from the prescription drug list;
2. Remove CBD from Schedule 2 of the Natural Health Product Regulations; and
3. Open a regulatory pathway to permit the inclusion of CBD derived from industrial hemp in natural health products and supplemented foods.

The primary reasons to change the regulations are:
1. CBD does not pose a significant risk to human health;
2. Canada is uniquely positioned to establish global leadership within this market by regulating CBD in a manner consistent with its risk profile; and
3. The current regulatory approach to CBD is perpetuating the illegal cannabis market.

The benefits of these changes are to:
1. Provide Canadians access to CBD, at appropriate dosages, for self-care in a manner consistent with their safety and low risk profile;
2. Restrict the large and growing illegal market for unregulated CBD products of unknown purity, potency and provenance; and
3. Support expansion of the Canadian hemp industry, including a 7 times increase in sales and jobs, by 2023.

I suggest that you also consider contacting your provincial government representative with a request to support these changes.