Here’s the rest of the press release

The shipment was expected, as Aphria has previously announced their deal with Australian MedLab in which Aphria will “produce and supply high-yield cannabis extracts for Medlab to be used in its forthcoming human trial to test management of intractable pain in oncology patients”, the first of this kind in the world.

“The first shipment of medical cannabis to Medlab is part of our global expansion strategy to take the Aphria story to other regulated countries like Australia and create additional revenue streams,” says Vic Neufeld, Chief Executive Officer of Aphria.

Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab said:

“This is an important step for Australian medical science as we prepare to begin our first clinical trial for advance cancer pain patients to help them manage their pain with a cannabis-based medicine.”

Aside from putting cancer-based medicine into the first plan, he also pushed for what could be interpreted as a stronger fight against the opioid crisis and Big Pharma.