Cann Group 29 April Press Release: March 2021 Quarterley Activities Report & Appendix 4C

As you are all adults we will let you read through and decipher this document. Not that it is particularly complicated.

There’s lots of comments of everything’s going great mate, in the intro.

No surprises. there

It appears the lions share of incomings this month are from the Australian Tax Office in the form of a R&D incentive scheme of $AUS3.3 million  ( so.. great to see essentially the taxpayer is currently funding the company)

Apparently they received $AUS688K from customers

They do highlight that they lost money being scammed and imply that they don’t ever expect to see a cent of that back.

Then of course it is all the usual buzzwords / phrases like “strategic” , “R&D” and of course “Going To Plan”

We do suggest that you read the section about their glasshouse construction in Mildura.

It is quite incredible the resources and carbon miles they are consuming to build what will essentially be a white elephant in 2-3 years time



Here’s the pdf of the full report


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