Cann Group Boss, Peter Koetsier, Goes Attack Dog Mode On Adult Use Regulated Cannabis

Again Cannabiz. Australia

Usual Australian story of vested interests and preserving the cartel for profit.

Disgusting but entirely predictable

I bet he wouldn’t suggest the same solution for the Australian alcohol sector

I wonder if he has thought his argument through.

If only home grow is decriminalized all that will mean is a lot of  unscrupulous small to medium sized growers supplying those who can’t or don’t want to grow in an unregulated environment.

What Australia needs is, both decriminalization of home grow and consumption for over 18’s combined with a regulated system that knocks out cartels, cheap white label imports and environment damaging industrial producers.

There is already out there a huge growing base out there who in the main produce relatively good product. Bring them towards a regulated market and let them compete equally with the likes of Cann Group.

That is, of course, what worries him most.

Good competition with good product.

Full article (paywall)

Decriminalise home-grown cannabis but full legal market ‘worries the hell out of me’, says Cann Group boss

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