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Long-time member of NORML legal committee.  Libertarian Party candidate for Lt Governor of Georgia in 1990 and ’94; Attorney General in ’98.

See also Chandler v. Miller, 520 U.S. 305 (1997)

Mr Chandler sent through some of his thoughts on the recent presidential election and cannabis ballots results

I think we will need to take a wait-and-see  attitude  toward Mr. Sessions’ actions concerning cannabis.  Like most politicians,  he has said a lot of foolishness that he thought his constituencies would believe. Of course, his professed or well-acted sincerity is frightening.  He may actually be a willfully ignorant, passionate believer.

   We must remember , though, that he is no longer dependent on voters. He can read the poll numbers and trim his sails accordingly,  maybe adopting the “more studies are needed” position of the mendacious and rejected Hillary Clinton.

That said, one of the “issues”–if there were any in the recent election–is that whatever the laws are ,  the administration should enforce them,  whether they  be  drug laws, immigration, or negligent use of classified materials,  and that the executive shouldn’t refuse to execute laws when they affect  politically favored groups and individuals.

Therefore,  we might see much more pressure on Congress to change federal cannabis laws right away–particularly from states that have voted for relegalization  and the big corporations who are looking to profit from the expanding cannabis opportunities that are opening up. 

The Administration may just relax and call it  “states’ rights”. If  Trump is smart,  that’s exactly what he will do.  But as we know,  IF  is the biggest word in the English language.


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