Minnesota lawmakers have given their first-ever endorsement to a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana. Reports MPR News

Members of the House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee voted 10-7 Wednesday to advance the measure. DFL members supported the measure while Republicans did not.

House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, DFL-Golden Valley, said the goal of his bill is to create a safe and legal marketplace for adults to use cannabis.

“From a health perspective, from a racial equity perspective, from a criminal justice reform perspective, from just being able to do a better job of regulating a product that can be used responsibly, it’s time for Minnesota to change its cannabis laws,” Winkler said.

The bill sets up a regulatory framework for adult use cannabis and establishes taxes. A new Cannabis Management Board would be created to oversee recreational use as well as the state’s existing medical marijuana program.

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Introduced Bill May 2020