Cannabis Branding – Kashmir Pre-Rolled Tubes – It’s Still 1972

From time to time we come across product branding in the sector that really needs a little dissection.

Kashmir rolling papers and hemp cigarettes appear a little blind on some of the changes in society over the past 50 years.

If I were a Kahmiri hashish producer who had lived in a virtual civil war since the late 1980’s I wouldn’t be overly enamoured by their branding at all.

Can anybody tell us how this advertising isn’t just a re-jig of Marlboro man for 2020?

Also, we were of the understanding that appropriation of other people’s cultures was a no no is the U.S these days.

Last week a CBD company was taking on the Himalayas as their own, this week the Kashmir region appears to be the target of branding types.

Particularly galling when they have to point out that their products are “American Made”.  If that’s the case call your product Utah or Arizona.


Spot the difference !


Here’s a bit more marketing from Kashmir papers.

BTW we love the camels !

You might well find them in Rajasthan but pretty unlikely up in Kashmir. They’d be pretty chilly camels!

We presume the subconcious is meant to fire you in this direction



So that’s two tobacco brands referenced in their imagery so far, not a bad effort.

Also, it is good to see so many buzzwords in play

  • Inspiration
  • Passion
  • Expression
  • Poetry
  • Spirit of the Psychedelic era

Who’d have know a rolling paper inspires such excitement !


Let’s pop over to their instagram where things get really classy .

Just remind us what year are we living in?

For a moment i still thought it was still 1972



If you have the energy to get in touch with them to discuss their branding here are the contact details at their facebook page.

If we had the time or energy, we would but I suspect they might be a bit defensive as the blindness  goes across the board and there isn’t enough time to argue the point out. We just hope that people vote with their feet or in this case their fingers and opt for another rolling paper.



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