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Essentially this is what the new legislation demands per the report in Marijuana Politics

“The passage of  House Bill 2546. This bill was crafted to deal with the emerging technology of e-cigarettes and cannabis vaporizers by adding a definition for an “Inhalant delivery system”. It updates the law to provide prohibitions and penalties for the use of vaporizers by minors just as we forbid cigarettes to minors.

But included in the act is a section updating the Oregon Clean Air Act. In Section 16, the bill amends Oregon law, as indicated by boldface text, to read:

A person may not smoke, aerosolize or vaporize an inhalant or carry a lighted smoking instrument in a public place or place of employment except as provided in ORS 433.850 [medical marijuana use in a medical facility].

“Public place” means an enclosed area open to the public.

“Inhalant” means nicotine, a cannabinoid or any other substance that is inhaled for the purpose of delivering the nicotine, cannabinoid or other substance into a person’s respiratory system.”