Cannabis-centric Intellectual Property Impacted by Presidential Race and Global Health Crisis

By Nicole Bachor, Steve Levine & Matt Kamps on October 27, 2020……In an article published in Marijuana Venture, Husch Blackwell attorneys Nicole Bashor, Steve Levine and Matt Kamps analyze cannabis-centric patent data to see if patents and applications are continuing the rising trend. They also discuss how the current political landscape and the global health crisis could impact the cannabis industry. Read more in “Innovation on the Rise.”

written by Matt Kamps, Nicole Bashor, Steve Levine

Last year we looked at a decade’s worth of cannabis-centric patent data to identify and analyze U.S. patent trends in the cannabis industry. Given the increasing number of states legalizing cannabis in some form, coupled with the passage of the Farm Bill in late 2018, it was unsurprising we discovered a record number of cannabis-centric patents issued and patent applications published in 2019.

Fast forward a year, and we find ourselves in the thick of a presidential race and a once-in-a-century global health crisis, events — and the outcomes of which — will likely have profound impacts on the cannabis industry, and thereby cannabis-centric intellectual property.

With that as the backdrop, we examined the patent data for 2020 to see if the numbers of cannabis-centric patents and applications are continuing to rise at a record-breaking pace. We also analyzed a representative sample of recently published cannabis-centric patents and applications to give readers a sense of the inventive subject matter applicants are seeking to protect. Finally, we will discuss how the current political landscape could impact the cannabis industry.

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