Cannabis CEO’s Some Of Top Paid Executives In Canada Says New Report – Although None Of The Companies They “Run” Actually Made A Profit in 2019 !

The Centre for Policy Alternatives’ report, “The Golden Cushion: CEO compensation in Canada,” by senior economist David Macdonald has looked at Canada’s 100 highest-compensated CEOs across all industries for 2019.

Aphria’s  CEO Irwin Simon’s  compensation of 18.4 million Canadian dollars ($14.2 million) in 2019 made him the highest-paid cannabis executive in Canada that year, according to the listing

Simon is listed as  the seventh-highest-paid executive.

Share-based awards (CA$12 million) accounted for most of the compensation, followed by nonequity incentives (CA$3.9 million) and salary (CA$2.6 million). It is the second year in a row Simon has appeared on the top-100 list. His 2018 compensation was estimated at  CA$9.5 million.

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Other cannabis industry executives on the 2019 list include:

  • Michael Gorenstein, former CEO of Toronto-based Cronos Group (CA$15 million).
  • Bruce Linton, former CEO of Smiths Falls, Ontario-headquartered Canopy Growth Corp. (CA$9.3 million).
  • Sebastien St. Louis, CEO of Kanata, Ontario-based Hexo Corp. (CA$8.5 million).

None of the businesses reported a profit for fiscal 2019.


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Cannabis CEOs, led by Aphria’s Irwin Simon, are among Canada’s top-paid execs despite losses


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