US cannabis companies and investment into China as well as what Chinese companies are now doing themselves.

Being a US publication the piece is a little naive in understanding that for the Chinese there’s no disconnect between making money from cannabis and associated products whilst at the same time executing users who will basically be seen as social malcontents and not productive to Chinese society.

It is worth noting that also, this week, Cannatech, announced their first cannabis investor event in Hong Kong.

We’ve also reported this week that the Cannabis debate is now happening in Malaysia on the back of a death sentence handed out to an individual for supplying medicinal cannabis for free.

All of this will leave Singapore in a bit of a quandry. Traditionally very strict on all “drugs” it’s now going to be caught between a rock and a hard place in its desire to capitalize on new industry sectors and its total intolerance to cannabis.

2019 will be an interesting year in Asia for the cannabis sector.

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As Trade War Tensions Heighten, China’s Role in Global Cannabis Industry Increases