This is the best story about the cannabis sector we’ve seen all week. Acting as good corporate partners to government and in turn helping their communities. This was all the talk of regulated cannabis back in 2015/16. It’s taken a pandemic to turn talk into action and let’s hope that each of these companies is smart enough to incorporate this thinking into their businesses as they hopefully grow in the future. Congratulations to all these companies

Ganjapreneur reports…..

Cannabis companies around North America are stepping up to help however they can in the fight against the spreading coronavirus.

Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Dispensary Association is partnering with the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association to make hand sanitizer and other cannabis companies around the continent are donating personal protection equipment to hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The CDA estimates that it can produce 5,000 gallons of hand sanitizer per week to donate to hospitals. The organization members have applied World Health Organization Guidelines to its cannabis machinery and the sanitizer will be labeled accordingly so it can be distributed to hospitals by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. The move follows a public health emergency order by Department of Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel.

The plan was proposed by John Hillier, CDA board member and executive director of Central Ave. Compassionate Care, and founder and president of Gage Cannabis, who said the lab facilities of member cannabis companies are “equivalent” to pharmacies which can produce hand sanitizer during states of emergency.


Cannabis Brands Making Sanitizer & Donating Equipment In Coronavirus Fight